Dawn Belden, Certified Clinical Thermographer & Breast Health Specialist
"Dawn was wonderful, knowledgeable and compassionate!  Her prevention suggestions were extremely helpful and I know I am in excellent hands!"    ~ Janet Goldstein

Dawn Belden, MA, is a Clinical Certified Thermographer.
She has a background in holistic education – bringing integrated curriculum to distance learning programs. She is also a learning styles consultant and has a strong foundation in individualized and personalized education. She has studied with Jean Houston and Thich Nhat Hanh, among others, and has co-lead teen retreats in Mindfulness and Awareness, affiliated with UCLA.

Dawn provides the best service possible to her clients.

She feels that thermography gives people a way to actually see, through imagery, the efficacy of their bodies. When clients are able to see themselves in such a way they become effective and pro-active in monitoring and orchestrating their health; thermography empowers clients to be agents of change in a self-directed and supported way.

Dawn is passionate about alternative medicine and used it almost exclusively, to great result, with her daughter and son’s neurological and stomach issues.
She feels that because of the pervasive toxicity in the environment resulting in the nearly epidemic numbers of cancer we must have ways to ameliorate and track the effects in our bodies.

Amanda Scharnberg is a Clinical Certified Thermographer. She is excited to contribute her detail oriented appreciation of holistic medicine and her growing passion for healthy living to the Thermography Center SB Team. Amanda has a background in Yoga and dance and feels that health is a full body, mind and spirit endeavor. She is looking forward to spearheading the expansion of the business in the near future to include companion animal and equine screenings.

Thermography is non- violating, non- invasive, and holistic.
It gives an integrated view of the body by providing pictures of our own unique patterns – a blueprint of wholeness, reinforcing the fact that we are not made up of disconnected parts, but rather a weave of interacting neurological and physiological processes.

Ms. Belden encourages women, and the men whose lives they touch, to educate themselves about the option of breast thermography and make wise decisions after considering all the information available. Thermography is not a substitute for other medically necessary procedures which may be recommended by your doctor.. 

The Thermography Center’s goal
is to make breast thermography screening a yearly and vital tool in changing the outcome of developing pathology with early proactive and holistic intervention, as well as make it affordable! The first step to avoiding breast cancer is educating women and empowering them to make decisions based on sound holistic options.

Dawn and Amanda brings a wealth of experience in compassionate care combined with practical application and preventative and proactive health suggestions to the Thermography Centers practice.
Dawn and Amanda both reside in Ojai California with their families.

"I had such a great experience with Dawn today getting my first thermogram. It was so easy and relaxing, plus educational. Thank you!!!"  
~ Carolyn Moore
Santa Barbara Clinical Certified Thermographer & Breast Health Specialist, Dawn Belden, MA, CCT
Dawn Belden, MA, CCT

May You Be Safe
May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live your life with peace and ease
          ~ Dawn Belden

Santa Barbara Clinical Thermorgrapher, Amanda Scharnberg
Amanda Scharnberg, CCT

Thanks to founding Thermographers, Jackie Kane, and Victoria Rice.

Jayne Rayner, who was the first "non-doctor" to certify as a CTT with IACT. Prior to that there was only one center in San Diego with Dr Chapman, one in San Fran with Dr Amalu and one in LA with Dr Cockburn.

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