Free or Low Cost Breast Screening

OCTOBER 16TH, 2014

Offered by the Thermography Centers ~ Providing Intelligent Options for your Well Being

The Thermography Centers of the west Coast,, in association with the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) is now offering men & women free or low cost breast screenings.

According to the UBCF, ‘This is a great opportunity for uninsured, under-insured & low income women to receive a FREE or low cost breast screening that Every Woman is entitled to. UBCF will fund up to $150 for your breast screening.  Any remaining balance will be your responsibility.  In most cases this means your out of pocket expense will be minimal.'

Breast thermography is a safe & effective screening including for dense breasts and breasts with implants.  It is 100% safe and non-invasive.  There is no radiation or deep compression of the breasts.  We proudly feature State of the Art Digital technology.  

Free or Affordable Screenings are available to all who qualify. Once you receive an email reply from UBCF you may make an appointment with The Thermography Centers; 805.560.7602.  It is that simple!

It has always been The Thermography Center’s goal to provide affordable and safe screening for early indications of breast disease. This association with the United Breast Cancer Foundation  provides a wider range of access to all women and men for preventative breast screenings.  With each breast screening clients receive complimentary tips and further options for the natural prevention and reversal of disease.

Please contact the Thermography Centers for further information: or 805.560.7602.


Dawn, I am so happy that I found you and the Thermography Centers! I have been able to reverse my breast issues and avoid invasive procedures!  it is so great to know that there are natural remedies that work for me and also that i can rely on non- invasive & safe thermography as a breast screening.
       ~ Leanne W., Santa Barbara

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