The Ojai Thermography Center

At the Ojai Breast Thermography Center we offer breast as well as full body thermal imaging for women and men. You will receive gentle and compassionate care which includes holistic counseling for optimal health and well being. Should we see "hot spots" we will guide you towards the best remedies or the right health practitioner for your needs.

We never leave you to fend for yourself after your thermal imaging and consultation. Once you are a client of ours, you will always be considered a client. We are always available for inspiration, guidance and support. We will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation.

breasth thermography full body montecitoThe Office of Dawn Belden, Jacalyn Booth (Colon Hydrotherapist), & Alicia Soto (Lymph Therapist)

115 Pirie Rd Suite B, Ojai, CA 93023

Contact us to schedule your appointment:  805.560.7602 or 310.871.5647 


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