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What is Breast Thermography?
Heal Your Life & Cancer Watch
Benefits of Full Body Thermography
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What is Breast Thermography?
Breast Thermography can screen for early indications of disease in the breast. You can then halt & reverse symptoms holistically before they become life threatening.
Thermography is 100% safe & non-invasive screening for breast health without harmful radiation or deep compression of the breasts

Breast thermography can screen for indications of breast disease up to ten years before a mammogram can

Thermography is also effective for dense breasts & breasts with implants

State of the Art Technology & a Certified Clinical Thermographer are here to guide you towards optimal breast health
Our thermal images are read by MD's certified by the American College of Clinical Thermology   
Ongoing Motivation and Support  
We never leave you to fend for yourself after your thermal imaging and consultation. Once you are a client of ours, you will always be considered a client and friend. We are always available for inspiration, guidance and support. We will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation.
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Spring Renewal:
The Promise of Beginning Anew!

Discount Days: 
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Heal Your Life and Your Life Will Heal You 


Author, Deena Metzeger, states that the pathology of the body is writ large in the society, and as such it is no accident that the illnesses we suffer from at this time in history is analogous to social and global ills.

Following this line of thinking we might consider the impact our fast-paced Southern California has on our stress levels. Add to the high-demands of our life, the toxicity in our environment via air, water and food, and it is no wonder that our bodies are struggling.
Healing isn't necessarily about restoring oneself to our original condition, but rather it is to find the balance once again within the healing process, to stay the course, and to align oneself to whatever particular path is unfolding.
As Deena Metzger further states that, "healing is the field of beauty through which the details of the larger purpose of an individuals's current life join in relation to his or her own history, ancestors, spirit, the present, the future, so that our global healing can be revealed and enacted." 

Below are some steps we can take to heal and prevent pathology from developing in our bodies through:

*Detoxifying our biological systems by purging chemicals, metals, fungus and environmental toxins.

*Optimizing our system so they are inhospitable to disease by changing our PH and diets

*Repairing and rebuilding our immune systems through stress reduction, supplements, lifestyle changes and then maintaining a strong healthy immune system.


This is what we do, we help you ask these questions of yourself.  What still needs healing in your life?  What are the best next steps for your breast health?  As a medical thermographer, I take images of your body in order to help you see yourself in such a way that you may become active agents in your healing. 

To Your Health, 


Dawn Belden

805.560.760  or 310.871.5647 


Cancer Watch 


I recently read an article in the local paper which stated that breast cancer rates along the East Ventura
and West Los Angeles counties are 10-20% higher than the state average. The Public Health Institute's California Breast Cancer Mapping Project found four areas to be of concern: The areas specifically surrounding Moorpark, Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills and Malibu. There are three ways to quantify cancer
rates, one is individual risk factors, second county by county and third examines the geography of a specific location.  The specific geography or "hot spots" where huge amounts are continuing to contaminate point to  
the Santa Susana Field Labs (SSFL).  There has been 
no environmental clean-up after the area was used heavily for nuclear experimentsand is ridden with toxic chemicals and radiation.


These continue to get blown by the Santa Ana winds as well as drain into our ground water when it rains.  Dan Hirsh, co-founder of the Committe to Bridge the Gap states, "in addition to the millions of gallons of Trichlorothylene (TCE), that was let loose into the envinronment and the list of toxins, in addition to the residual radiation from a total of five nuclear power plants is a long one".


As much as these statistics are alarming my intention is not to create more fear. Rather, I want my readers to be informed about particular "hot spots" and to perhaps find ways to get involved in advocating for cleaner envirnoments for our breast health, ourselves, for our families and the generations to come.  


Read more on how you can get involved, http://committeetobridgethegap.org      




Mark your calendars! Share with your Friends!

Discount Days!  


At our clients requests, we are now offering discount days at our different locations. Please inquire when you call to schedule your baseline, annual breast screening or full body scan.
The cost for a breast screening on our discounted days will be $175 for a breast screening and $395.00 for a full body scan (which includes a complete breast study.)



Ojai Discount Day - March 21st

Santa Monica Discount Days - April 13

and April 14.


Dawn Belden




805.560.7602 or 310.871.5647





Full Body Thermography Scans 
Revealing and Helpful! 
Full Body Thermal Image
Full body imaging can provide a "body road map" which effectively points to indications of disease or areas in the body that need special attention before serious disease develops.  This is a great preventative and restorative tool.

We are always surprised at the vast amount of information a full body
scan can provide for my clients.

Heart Alert
For instance, a recent full body thermography revealed concerns around the carotid artery pointing to indications of Occlusive Disease which relates to the arteries & the heart.
Although this person had received recent physicals, EKG's and other medical testing, it was only the thermography which brought this serious concern to their doctor's attention. 
Thyroid Alert
A head/neck screening or a full body scan can reveal indications for early thyroid dysfunction.  Seeing changes in thyroid function early can offer alternative options for thyroid health.   
Colon Alert
More and more clients are using thermography scans in order to see indications for colon health or dis-ease.  Many have follow up with our recommendations to see a colon hydrotherapist or detoxify the colon in order to restore good flora and gut ecology.  In many cases, invasive and sometimes risky testing is unnecessary. 

At the Thermography Centers we offer breast as well as full body thermal imaging for women and men

We provide Holistic Care & guidance 
You will receive gentle and compassionate care. Should the Thermologist's report see "areas of concern" we will guide you towards the right health practitioner for your needs.
Call for an appointment or further information
805.560.7602 or visit us at
Exciting News! 
Please log onto youtube.com and watch a 15 year old named Jack Andrake (My 3 Cents on Cancer), explain how he invented a new test for the early, inexpensive and reliable detection of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer.
Thank you Irene for sharing this video with us!


We look forward to seeing you all in the coming months.  Please remember to create a stable baseline with your 90 day follow up after your first thermography. 

We have been able to identify and halt serious indications of disease developing in this time period.
As spring approaches we consider again how we want to nurture and support our breast and body health, may your lifestyle adjustments bring you an abundant of wellbeing and health.

Be Well,
Dawn Belden

Thermography Centers
805-560-7602 or 310.871.5647 

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