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What is Breast Thermography?
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What is Breast Thermography?
Breast Thermography can screen for early indications of disease in the breast. You can then halt & reverse symptoms holistically before they become life threatening.
Thermography is 100% safe & non-invasive screening for breast health without harmful radiation or deep compression of the breasts

Breast thermography can screen for indications of breast disease up to ten years before a mammogram can

Thermography is also effective for dense breasts & breasts with implants

State of the Art Technology & a Certified Clinical Thermographer are here to guide you towards optimal breast health
Our thermal images are read by MD's certified by the American College of Clinical Thermology   
Ongoing Motivation and Support  
We never leave you to fend for yourself after your thermal imaging and consultation. Once you are a client of ours, you will always be considered a client and friend. We are always available for inspiration, guidance and support. We will make time for you, whether by email, phone, or an in-person consultation.
Call us for an appointment or further information





And, I invite you to explore the new findings in breast screenings. But, first, did you know that we can affect how our genes are expressed? The evidence in the field of epigenetics shows that - as Dr. Katz states in Huffington Post (2/14), "optimal lifestyle practices can slash risk for all major chronic diseases, cancer included" and he further states that "lifestyle as medicine can modify gene expression." Finally, he concludes that "the goal of screening is to find cancer early, which is much better than finding it late, it is still not as good as NOT getting it in the first place."


So, how we handle stress, what foods we eat, and our ability to cultivate states of ease and well-being, all become not only primary in creating strong bodies and brains (immune function), but with epigenetics the good news is that we can change our bodies at the DNA level.

So, please join me this spring in renewing our commitment to create a lifestyle aligned with our deepest values for living a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.   



Research from the Field:


Recently one of the largest and most meticulous studies of mammography ever done, involving 90,000 women and lasting a quarter-century, has added powerful new doubts about the value of the screening test for women of any age. The study found that the death rates from breast cancer and from all causes were the same in women who got mammograms and those who did not. The researchers also found that 22% of the cancers found on mammograms were over-diagnosed.  Further, one in five cancers found with mammography and treated was not a threat to the woman's health and did not need treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.


The study, published Tuesday in The British Medical Journal, is one of the few rigorous evaluations of mammograms conducted in the modern era. The aforementioned Dr. Katz states that "tiny breast cancers, like the majority of prostate cancers are destined to do nothing if just left alone." And, of course there is the issue of traditional mammogram exposure to radiation, as well as false positives, which the study also highlighted. However, it is crucial that we utilize screenings as a tool for showing early detections of disease.




Keep a look-out for the launch of my new website in the coming weeks!


(And, I be so grateful for any testimonials you would like to send me, about your experience, for the website)


Mother's Day Special! See below!



Dawn Belden
The Thermography Centers

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(Safe & Early Screening Saves Lives) 


Paying it forward~



Mother's Day Special!


Come in for our Mother's Day Special where for the entire month of May you can bring in your mother (or anyone's mother you love) with you during your visit or schedule an appointment for her and she will receive 50% off the cost of her breast screening. We want our mothers, ALL MOTHERS, to live a long healthy life!



In addition we will also be a having free bra fitting on Monday, May 2nd, in our Santa Barbara office, from 4-6.  To reserve a spot, call Linda Plant at 408.799.5178.  I highly recommend, The Jacqueline Bra!


Mark Your Calendars!! Discount Days!


May 17, 18th at the Santa Monica office

June 3rd in the Ventura office and in celebration of our new Office in Beverly Hills on June 12th!

July 11th in the Santa Barbara office
Cost will be discounted:  $185, breasts screening and $395, full body scan and breast screening



We look forward to seeing you all in the coming months.  Please remember to create a stable baseline with your 90 day follow up after your first thermography.  We have been able to identify and halt serious indications of disease developing in this time period. 

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy spring!

Be Well,


Dawn Belden
Thermography Centers

Thermography is not considered a replacement for other medical imaging which your doctor may advise you to have.

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Aah Spring! We welcome you with open arms and gratitude!

Dawn, I am so happy that I found you and the Thermography Centers! I have been able to reverse my breast issues and avoid invasive procedures!  it is so great to know that there are natural remedies that work for me and also that i can rely on non- invasive & safe thermography as a breast screening.
         ~ Leanne W., Santa Barbara

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